Banff, Alberta


The Banff Centre is a renowned source of inspiration and creativity to artists across disciplines. It’s a place where creators immerse themselves in the magical combination of educational programming, expressive performance and the breathtaking wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.

Entro had the privilege of contributing to the Banff Centre experience while working with KPMB Architects on the recent Lloyd Hall hotel renovation. Rejuvenating the modernist style of original 1970s architecture, KPMB added a beautiful vertical wood treatment to the exterior, which, along with a new entry pavilion of timber and glass, have the effect of blending the Hall into the surrounding trees and slopes.

We collaborated closely with KPMB to design experiential graphics in keeping with the clean, modernist architecture and organic feel evoked by the use of natural materials.

We felt a minimalist approach was best with design that emphasizes materiality. Large but simple floor numbers orient visitors instantly – while the cut-out design reflects the lines and shape of the interior wood panelling.

We wanted the design to strike the unique balance between warmth, simplicity and modern sophistication that is achieved by Lloyd Hall in its sublime environment.