Toronto, Ontario


As the site of Canada’s largest entertainment complex, Exhibition Place plays host to trade and consumer shows, meetings, conferences, conventions and community events attracting more then 5.5 million visitors a year. Working closely with Exhibition Place, City of Toronto and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Entro designed and implemented a dynamic, digital wayfinding program providing the flexibility needed to display event information and direct visitors throughout the impressive 192 acre parkland.

With events and functions changing daily, the wayfinding program is designed to route and dynamically manage traffic and parking on an as-needed basis. Digital displays also play a critical role to promote the high number of sporting, trade, community and cultural events occurring in the various venues on site.

Exhibition Place is a major historical site in Toronto. We consulted with Archeological and Cultural Heritage Services (ACI) to ensure archeological sustainability and worked with Toronto Heritage Preservation Services to achieve a look and feel that respected the heritage nature of the site.

The 6mm LED-screen pylon signs are modern yet unobtrusive, made of aluminum and adorned with a simplified version of the Exhibition Place logo. The structures stand 3 metres tall, and support a high amount of weight for digital components while still remaining sleek and understated.