Brookfield Place Calgary

Calgary, Alberta


At 56 storeys, Brookfield Place is the newest and tallest commercial tower to grace the Calgary skyline. The 1.4-million-square-foot first phase east tower is one of two planned for the full block development. Brookfield has branded similar projects in other cities of the world as ‘Brookfield Place,’ including Toronto, New York City and Perth. Each property represents best-in-class amenities for office, dining, retail and the arts.

Designed by Arney Fender Katsalidis (AFK) in association with Dialog, the LEED project is unique in its approach as a landmark commercial development. The public realm anchoring Brookfield Place provides an unprecedented half-acre of sunlit, south-facing public plaza and this extends within to a stunning 60ft high galleria space.

Entro’s bespoke wayfinding and signage program is an elegant and integral expression of Brookfield Place and its architectural identity, annotating the building and its connections to Calgary’s +15 pathways in an understated fashion.

Underground parking is all about how to get out since this is the most critical decision in one’s day-to-day experience as a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian. Entro’s work on the six-level underground parkade included the development of an innovative photoluminescent pathway system for enhanced pedestrian egress. Deck painted runway dots and running man symbols, column mounted symbol signs and orientation maps at key decision points show the direct path to the closest emergency exits.

Design for the parkade as a whole provided the platform for organizing and applying directional, orientation, identification and safety information. The wayfinding information and environmental graphics contribute to an ordered, uncluttered and safer environment, where each element works in a system that is easily seen, read and understood.

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