Toronto, Ontario


Arconas special­izes in seat­ing and furni­ture design for high-traffic public spaces such as airports, judi­cial, and govern­ment facil­i­ties. They are a company commit­ted to rais­ing the value of public spaces and using purpose­ful design to ensure opti­mal human comfort.

With a renewed commit­ment to solu­tions that best serve people, Entro refreshed the Arconas brand to illus­trate their posi­tion­ing, high­light their increased offer­ings, and re-focus on the human aspect of their work. Entro refined the company’s exist­ing logo and devel­oped a visual language and guide­lines that further reflect Arconas’ grow­ing port­fo­lio of prod­ucts.

Draw­ing upon the Arconas “A,” which repre­sents achieve­ment and a mark of success to the very high­est rank, we extended this language to the website, e-newsletter, stationery, and brochures. Entro trans­lated the Arconas brand into the phys­i­cal space at the 2016 Passen­ger Termi­nal Expo in the form of an exhibit booth.

To compli­ment Arconas’ featured prod­ucts, the banner display featured the Arconas green logo on the exte­rior, and the inte­rior incor­po­rated a pattern of green bands with vary­ing green and yellow tones in differ­ently sized rectan­gu­lar shapes. Entro also created an adver­tise­ment for this newly focused posi­tion­ing, which appeared in a recent publi­ca­tion.