Cadillac Fairview and Toronto-Dominion Centre are proud supporters of the arts community. Design of the Art & Architecture exhibit was intended to celebrate the opening/unveiling of the new art collection (featuring work by renowned Canadian artists) which now adorns the TD Centre lobbies.

Entro created a powerful brand identity and exhibit design for the occasion.

The Art+Architecture logo suggests a blank canvas by way of the negative space created by the letterforms; the vertical typography implies the buildings themselves.

We suggested large format posters of the art pieces be created for installation in the Linkway to encourage passersby to engage with the nearby art collection.

A catalogue was also proposed to document the art and artists.

Conceptual ideas for the launch event include a series of semi-transparent and lightweight columns, suspended from the ceiling, to mimic the TD Centre towers. Interchanging projections of the art pieces, the architecture, and real-time images of the people in attendance would be displayed thereon.