Glenbow at the J.R. Shaw Centre for Arts & Culture

Calgary, Alberta


Calgary’s Glenbow Museum is currently undergoing a major transformation. Expected to take approximately three years, the renovation project will see the creation of new, innovative spaces for social interaction, education, art and cultural appreciation. The 8-storey museum, originally built in the 1970s, will be redesigned with greater accessibility in mind, the goal being to remove barriers and create a space where everyone can experience and enjoy art.

Reimagined, the museum building will be known as the J.R. Shaw Centre for Arts & Culture, in recognition of the tremendous $35 million donation to Glenbow by the Shaw Family and the Shaw Foundation, part of which creates an endowment that eliminates general admission to remove the fundamental barrier of affordability, in perpetuity – the first major Canadian museum to do so.

The project will include new spaces such as a theatre, restaurant, outdoor terrace, and a street-level public realm space. The renovation will also improve storage for its collection of more than 250,000 artworks and objects, labs and conservation areas as well as administrative offices. Flexible gallery space, including a vertical gallery that ascends the height of the building’s multi-storey atrium, will offer a rich visitor experience.

Entro is excited to have the opportunity to create a wayfinding program that will reinforce the active cultural identity of the institution, promote public access and the intuitive, free flowing circulation of people in their discovery and enjoyment of this vibrant, reimagined museum.