Bold, Memo­rable Poster Designs

September 30, 2014


The Graphis Poster Annual is a publi­ca­tion that repre­sents the best in inter­na­tional poster design. Our sister company, G+A Zürich is among the 2015 award winners for their distinc­tive exhi­bi­tion posters.

For the Univer­sity of Zürich, G+A designed two differ­ent styles of posters to support recent exhi­bi­tions. Göttlich Menschlich, trans­lated Godly Human, was an exhi­bi­tion in the University’s arche­o­log­i­cal collec­tion dedi­cated to Roman-made bronze pieces found in Switzer­land. Vitrina was an exhi­bi­tion that featured an architect’s photographs of mannequins from Athens, with the posters created as a series.

G+A also devel­oped a poster series for No Name Design, exhi­bi­tions that show­case famous indus­trial designer Franco Clivio’s collec­tion of every­day objects and tools. In this case, one poster was created for an exhi­bi­tion in Gewerbe­mu­seum (in Winterthur) and the other for one in Mudac (in Lausanne).

These posters are partic­u­larly strik­ing for their bold use of imagery, with contrast­ing typog­ra­phy play­ing a secondary role.