Lead­ing the Way to Vancouver’s Busiest Travel Hub

June 8, 2016


Vancou­ver Inter­na­tional Airport (YVR) is the second busiest in Canada, with over 20 million passen­gers annu­ally. To address the high traf­fic volume to, and within the airport, Entro worked together with YVR on the roll­out of the airport’s updated wayfind­ing programs.

A prior­ity of the vehic­u­lar wayfind­ing was to develop a clearer visual hier­ar­chy between key areas: such as termi­nals, depar­tures / arrivals, park­ing lots, and passen­ger pick-up / drop-off loca­tions. Colour coding in partic­u­lar was imple­mented to high­light and differ­en­ti­ate the range of park­ing options, whether short- or long-term, and prox­im­ity to the termi­nals (walk­ing or shut­tle access). The program utilized exist­ing sign struc­tures, retro­fit­ted and adapted to form one cohe­sive system.

On the airport’s inte­rior Entro devel­oped signage stan­dards that contribute to clear and effi­cient wayfind­ing. The program uses a modu­lar system with stan­dard­ized layouts and colours, which enable YVR to perform inter­nal updates. Holis­ti­cally, the exte­rior and inte­rior signage is meant to promote seam­less travel for all YVR passen­gers.