World Design Summit: Solving Global Issues Through Design

November 13, 2017


The World Design Summit in October brought together 50 international organizations to create a plan for harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges. Entro’s Udo Schliemann presented at the summit on experiential graphic design and its power to create a unified sense of place for people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Udo’s presentation ‘Unifying Cultures Through Experiential Graphic Design’, surrounded environmental assets and how they can be leveraged through design to create a place where cultures are celebrated in a unique way while also powerfully connecting to the organizational brand. Udo also discussed how features such as environmental graphics, donor walls, and wayfinding programs can be used as tools to facilitate cultural cohesion, appreciation of the space, and brand expression. A review of basic design elements such as colour, typography and how they communicate certain aspects of a brand through the built environment also provided an understanding of how a final design relates closely to vision, positioning and other brand attributes.

Udo also provided his insights and unique perspective for a roundtable discussion organised by the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), a non-profit, cross-disciplinary design research group established by the City of Toronto in 2001, with a purpose to “leverage the talents and problem-solving skills of designers (architects, landscape architects, industrial, interior and graphic designers) at a high level to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes for cities and regions”. Their roundtable explored how the design community can respond to five critical Global Challenges: Resilience in the face of Climate Change; Global Health Issues; Community Well-being; Facing Up to Urban Terrorism; Economic Competitiveness for Cities and Regions.

Find out more about the Summit here.