Rae Lam and Vedran Dzebic Featured in Worktech

February 20, 2018


Entro recently contributed to WORKTECH's online publication, WORKTECH Academy. This is further to an earlier speaking engagement at the Toronto WORKTECH conference in September of this year. WORKTECH explores the future of work and the workplace. Entro offered perspectives about experiential graphic design and its power to create inspirational workplaces that tell stories, reflect company values and elevate the daily experiences of employees. We also spoke to the collaborative and holistic design approaches necessary to yield the most impactful spaces, shaping company culture and bringing people together.

In a continuation of the topic, 'Four ways environmental graphics can improve employee experience' explores how experiential graphic design can affect important cognitive processes such as creativity and mental focus. The article was written by Rae Lam, Associate and Vedran Dzebic, Head of Research at Entro. Rae and Vedran also wrote a longer research paper on the topic for WORKTECH's private member community, titled 'Bring on the brandscape: how environmental graphics can shape change'.