Entro's Cristina Kelly and Alliiance's Rochelle Maresh on workplace wellness in Work Design Magazine

February 16, 2021


Looking to explore priorities and strategies for improving workplace wellness in these uncertain times, Cristina Kelly, WELL AP / Associate at Entro, and Rochelle Maresh, CID, LEED AP / Workplace Strategist at Alliiance Architects, teamed up to write a three-part series featured in Work Design Magazine (January, February, and March 2021).

The first article, "Supporting Physical and Mental Health Through Design", elaborates on the potential for design to reduce stress and promote relaxation by enabling spacial familiarity, encouraging healthy behaviours, and providing access to nature.

An employee's sense of purpose is key to workplace culture. In "A Place of Purpose" Kelly and Maresh discuss how space, brand, and identity influence an employee's connection to culture, supports a sense of purpose, and inspires their best work.

"The Employee Experience: Driving Innovation" recognizes that productivity, innovation, culture, and employee experience have emerged as critical topics when developing new return to office work strategies. Kelly and Maresh explore how, by bringing the right people together to foster the right engagement, we can create diverse, dynamic, irresistible workplaces that inspire innovation.