Award Winning Envi­ron­men­tal Graphic Design at the Whit­ney

July 6, 2016


We are pleased to announce that our project with the Whit­ney Museum of Amer­i­can Art recently received recog­ni­tion from the Soci­ety for Expe­ri­en­tial Graphic Design (SEGD). The project team, led by Randy John­son and Brenda Tong, went to Seat­tle to accept this award.

The Whit­ney project has won three addi­tional awards with Applied Arts, Commu­ni­ca­tion Arts and the Adver­tis­ing and Design Club of Canada. For Whit­ney, our chal­lenge was to extend the graphic stan­dards through­out the envi­ron­ment in order to func­tion effec­tively, yet be subdued enough so as not to compete with the art. To achieve this, Whitney’s “Respon­sive W” was selec­tively used as a graphic element, creat­ing a unique visual language for the wayfind­ing program. See the project here.

Below, left to right: SEGD Pres­i­dent, John Lutz; Randy John­son (Entro); Brenda Tong (Entro); Arrow Award Spon­sor Sandy Schichel from 3M; and SEGD CEO, Clive Roux.