Vedran Dzebic to Speak at Passenger Terminal Expo

March 21, 2018


Passenger Terminal Expo is the most highly regarded airport terminal conference in the world. Every year it brings together airport executives, managers and teams from over 90 countries. At this year’s upcoming conference in Stockholm, Entro’s Vedran Dzebic, PhD will present ‘Inside the Minds of Our Passengers, New Technology Tells All’. Leading our research team, Vedran has been building an automated tool that advances our knowledge of how the physical design of a space influences how we feel, behave and think, providing the foundation needed to validate design decisions in airport settings.

Looking towards the future of travel, this tool can help answer many of the questions that arise as airport teams strive to create positive passenger experiences: Are minimalist airport environments that are low in visual complexity experienced as calming or relaxing? Do highly decorative and visually complex environments result in excitement and engagement? To what extent does culture or demographics play into our experience as a passenger?

To find out more about Passenger Terminal Expo and Vedran's session, see here.