Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden Speak at Type Directors Club

December 4, 2019


In October, a standing-room-only crowd met Entro|CVEDesign principals Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden at the Type Directors Club in Manhattan.

Chris and David’s presentation focused on their experience designing the signage for the first four stations of New York City’s Second Avenue subway service. Their talk included a brief historical overview of NYC’s subway and its signage, an introduction to signage basics, and commentary on using NYC’s graphic standards. They described working with engineers and architects and shared various anecdotes about the project, especially during the lively Q & A session that followed.

As David and Chris explained, signage design combines graphic, architectural, and industrial design. They demonstrated the ways in which typography can be used in conjunction with graphic elements to help people navigate the new subway stations. The audience was engaged and excited to learn about this form of visual communication.