Expanding the Gold Star Experience at Sugarhouse Casino

January 31, 2017


SugarHouse Casino is a premiere gaming and entertainment facility in Philadelphia, overlooking the Delaware River. As part of a $164 million-dollar expansion, SugarHouse doubled the size of its casino floor, added an event centre, restaurants, and a new 7-floor parking garage to increase visitor enjoyment and capacity. Entro refreshed the exterior and interior signage, and introduced a playful graphics system for the parking garage.

To guarantee the SugarHouse brand would have optimal visibility from locations like the Benjamin Franklin Bridge or Delaware Expressway, our team did visibility studies from these and other key locations. Using boldness of scale, colour, and illumination we created solutions visible from a large radius of the casino.

On the interior, it was important that the look and feel of the wayfinding maintained consistency with the original signage while mirroring the warm tones of the new interior décor. This translated into directional signage that is internally illuminated, using amber and deep brown, with copper accents, and identification signage with dimensional letters painted to emulate copper. Wayfinding messages on original signage were reviewed for functionality and additional signs were added to accommodate the sight lines of the expansion.

For the parking garage, we looked for a solution that was playful, reflected the Sugarhouse brand and gave the garage its own look and feel. To accomplish this, we pulled from the casino theme and used playing card imagery. The four traditional card suits (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) are used to form a hand of cards that corresponds numerically to each parking level, and level designations are reinforced with a unique jewel-toned colour.

Overall, our program for SugarHouse is modern and versatile, able to support the casino’s evolution and promise prosperity and fun for visitors. Entro integrated the newer signage seamlessly, ensured brand visibility from far away locations, and created graphics that serve the double purpose of exciting visitors and providing direction.