Wayfinding for St. Joseph’s: A Unifying Approach

November 2, 2016


St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto (St. Joe’s Toronto) is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, in the city’s west end. To accommodate a campus that is comprised of multiple wings and buildings built at different times, Entro developed a wayfinding master plan that would unify and give consistency to the visual language of the centre.

Designed to a modern, approachable aesthetic, the wayfinding program simplifies the centre’s zoning and creates consistency across the campus. Each wing is identifiable by a colour that is reinforced on signage, in combination with the official wing name. Clear pictograms and highly legible type contribute to straightforward messaging critical to a hospital environment.

Following a thorough site survey, interviews with the stakeholders, as well as consultations with the senior management team, the basis for the wayfinding master plan was achieved. The Our Lady of Mercy Wing, the most recent development at the centre, was prioritized for the implementation of the new program. The wayfinding, as applied to the Our Lady of Mercy Wing, is well adapted for current conditions, and campus developments of the future.