Entro Talks Transit at Railvolution 2022 and CUTA's Annual Conference 2022

October 24, 2022


Entro's Anna Crider and Vedran Dzebic are thrilled to be discussing transit this fall at Railvolution 2022 in Miami and CUTA's Annual Conference and Transit Show in Montreal!

Railvolution 2022: Transit and Community Development Conference (Miami)

Wayfinding Through Evolving Travel Patterns
Philadelphia’s transit system has always been complicated, with more than 100 routes planned and built over a century ago. Efforts to make the system easier to understand and use took on added significance when Covid-19 upended travel patterns. Repetitive commutes – when riders may not look at signs very much – make up a smaller percentage of today’s ridership, while other sorts of trips – such as shift work, leisure trips and errands – are more prominent. How do you make a complicated system intuitive, so that riders find their way on the first try, every time? Join this session for a case study of SEPTA’s approach, involving everything from surveys to station walk-throughs to eye-tracking exercises. See the final wayfinding plan and learn how your city can change perceptions through design, data-driven recommendations and community-focused planning.

Panelists: Anna Crider, Partner (Entro), Lex Powers, Manager of Strategic Planning, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
When: November 2, 2022, 9:00 – 9:45am
Where: Miami, FL (Railvolution 2022)
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The Power of Place
Close your eyes and visualize one of your favorite places. What emotion(s) does the space evoke — security, ambition, delight, calm or creativity? Can you identify what about the space evokes that feeling — lighting, color, art or something else? Places have the power to influence our emotions as well as our actions. Place branding is an approach more transit agencies are adding to their tool kits, to achieve results without (or in addition to) major infrastructure or service changes. Place branding can create identifiable places that not only bring transit systems to life but also make diverse riders feel safe and welcome in different environments. Explore a variety of place branding measures and the role place branding plays in connecting riders to surrounding communities. Take home tips for conducting research and engagement so that these interventions are relevant, meaningful and inclusive for your community.

Panelists: Vedran Dzebic, Heat of Research & Devevlopment (Entro), Fiona Lyon, Design Manger (TOD, TriMet),
Katherine Dirga, Director of Art in Transit (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)
Moderator: Larissa Ulcar, Associate, DIALOG
When: November 1, 2022 1:30 – 3:00pm
Where: Miami, FL (Railvolution 2022)
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CUTA's Annual Conference and Transit Show 2022

Concurrent 9 – Customer-Centric Transit Planning: Transit Placemaking Strategies and Impacts for Improving the Passenger Experience
In this talk we explore how placemaking can improve the passenger experience through unified design, signage, and public art. We will also discuss our participation in a recent academic research study that measures the ROI of placemaking in transit stations as well as in other environments.

Panelists: Vedran Dzebic, Heat of Research & Devevlopment (Entro), Jason Keillor (Voyage/Transdev), Antione Belaieff, Lead, North America (FAIRTIQ)
When: Octoberr 24, 1:00 – 2:00pm
Where: Montreal, QC (CUTA's Annual Conference and Transit Show 2022)
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