Sick­Kids: Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learn­ing

January 7, 2014


This inno­v­a­tive research facil­ity tower­ing above Bay and Elm streets in Toronto repre­sents bril­liance in modern tech­nol­ogy, archi­tec­ture and design.

In the main lobby of the new tower the donor wall features atmos­pheric hues of blue. The donor recog­ni­tion program on the exte­rior is enhanced by verti­cal blue glass fins with deep edged donor names and inte­grated LED lights.

Stun­ning lounge areas known as neigh­bour­hoods curve around the central rectan­gu­lar struc­ture and over­look Bay Street. Two and three-storey high, colour­ful wall graph­ics in these sections are artis­tic abstract trans­la­tions of the scien­tific themes of the vari­ous research areas such as Brain Research, Cancer Stem Cells Biol­ogy, and Genetic Diseases. Smaller black and white graph­ics at each eleva­tor core lead­ing to the neigh­bour­hoods intro­duce the visual theme as well as the main donor for that area.

The new research tower “is really symbolic of [Sick Kids] commit­ment to chil­dren, to children’s health and inno­va­tion in Canada.”

— Mary Jo Haddad, Pres­i­dent and CEO, Sick Kids.