Tech­nol­ogy and Trans­porta­tion at SEGD Confer­ence

October 29, 2014


Calgary Inter­na­tional Airport (YYC) is under­go­ing a $1.5 Billion expan­sion making it the most exten­sive passen­ger service network in central Canada.

At the SEGD confer­ence in Dallas on Sept. 26th, Gord McTag­gart, an Asso­ciate at Entro, iden­ti­fied the strate­gies for display­ing inter­ac­tive and dynamic content at YYC. Gord summa­rizes, “The cohe­sive­ness of wayfind­ing within an airport context is crit­i­cal; flight infor­ma­tion, check-in, gate podi­ums, baggage claim, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and inter­ac­tive direc­tory signs all need to work together to provide a seam­less flow of infor­ma­tion to passen­gers. Utiliz­ing tech­nol­ogy, such as eye-tracking soft­ware, in the design and test­ing process trans­lates into a posi­tive and more fluid user expe­ri­ence.” In the coming months we will be featur­ing a preview of YYC’s new look for wayfind­ing.