RMA is Poised for Growth with New Website

August 19, 2014


RMA is an advi­sor to insur­ance and rein­sur­ance compa­nies, and a long-standing client of Entro. When RMA was initially founded, Entro devel­oped a straight­for­ward infor­ma­tional website to serve their needs.

In response to tech­no­log­i­cal change and company growth, Entro recently refreshed RMA’s previ­ous website with a contem­po­rary and highly inter­ac­tive new site. This involved replac­ing outdated tech­nol­ogy and increas­ing connec­tiv­ity to new devices. In addi­tion to a respon­sive design the site now hosts a newslet­ter and social media features, ensur­ing RMA’s ongo­ing inter­ac­tion with their commu­nity.

For the site design Entro used bold imagery and messages that echo the strength and reli­a­bil­ity of RMA, and clearly iden­ti­fied and orga­nized the company’s services for ease of use. The new site reflects RMA’s growth and main­tains their repu­ta­tion as trusted advi­sors.

Visit RMA’s refreshed website