Ripley’s Aquar­ium of Canada

January 2, 2014


The aquar­ium is a highly-anticipated attrac­tion within the heart of Toronto, and is home to 13,500 differ­ent species of marine and fresh­wa­ter crea­tures from around the world.

The build­ing is designed by B+H Archi­tects and features a multi-faceted shell clad in aluminum panels. The roof of the main entrance “gives the illu­sion of the earth’s crust peel­ing away to reveal a window into the aquatic world”. This expres­sion is further empha­sized through the folded façade surfaces.

Entro inter­preted the faceted, folded plate struc­ture as an anal­ogy to develop an origami-like feel for the exte­rior signage elements, to achieve visual inte­gra­tion with the archi­tec­ture.

Located at the base of the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquar­ium connects directly with the SkyWalk and is now an inte­gral compo­nent of the City’s PATH program.