Reclaiming Our Spaces: Design, Community, and Co-creation

January 29, 2021


Join us for our upcoming webinar "Reclaiming Our Spaces: Design, Community, and Co-creation" taking place Friday, January 29th, 2021 @ 12pm – 1pm EST

Creating inclusive spaces is nothing new, rather it’s a fundamental that in light of the pandemic and social movements of the last year is back at the forefront of many conversations. We’ve learned that when it comes to diversity and inclusion, the status quo isn’t enough and that our idea of inclusivity, and more importantly how we make inclusivity possible, needs to constantly evolve. The design process now demands a community engagement strategy that aims to serve users more honestly and more meaningfully.

Arts, culture and placemaking, are ideal vehicles for inclusivity and equally key in the recovery of our cities from the pandemic. That is why we’ve asked experts who have long been reimagining our public spaces to share their experience and insights on spaces that are made for and by communities, and the engagement and design interventions that make this possible. We ask: how has the idea of inclusivity changed in the past year? How is the community engagement process changing for designers as a result? Is there a shift to co-creation? How does that impact the design of public spaces, and most importantly how can it help in rebuilding our communities post-pandemic?


Confirmed Panelists
Dr. Julie Nagam, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts, Collaboration and Digital Media
Heela Omarkhail, Vice President, Social Impact at Daniels
Philippe Demers, CEO & Creative Director at MASSIVart
Rochelle Maresh, Strategist at Alliiance Architects
Pru Robey, President at Pru Robey Consulting

Vedran Dzebic, Head of Research and Development at Entro