Entro to present at RAIC 2022 Virtual Conference on Architecture

June 13, 2022


We're excited to be speaking at the RAIC 2022 Virtual Conference next month! The RAIC will present weekly broadcasts scheduled over several days in June. Find out more and register here.

Please tune into the following talks, which will be available on demand starting June 13 at 11am:

Unlocking the WELL Standard Through the Lens of Cognitive Neuroscience
Cristina Kelly, WELL AP, Associate, Entro
Vedran Dzebic, PhD, Head of Research & Development, Entro

How can we truly know and understand the effect design will have on the user and more accurately achieve the intended aims of the WELL Standard on human well-being? As part of our design process, we consider principles of cognitive neuroscience to provide important insights into well-being while incorporating a number of emerging technologies to validate our work. While cognitive neuroscience tells us how the human experience is shaped by design, emerging technologies, such as computer vision and machine learning help us mediate the relationship between the environment and the person.

By viewing the WELL Standard, with specific focus on the “Beauty and Design” feature, through a spotlight of cognitive neuroscience and emerging technologies, this presentation will examine how to more completely and precisely celebrate culture and place, foster human delight, create spatial familiarity and access to nature and nudge towards positive behaviours.

Placemaking Through Architecture, Art and Design
Udo Schliemann, Principal Creative Director, Entro

During the past two years, with the loss of common spaces, we’ve come to understand the vital importance of parks, squares, main streets, and other public areas more clearly than ever. Isolated in our own homes, many of us in single-person dwellings, we’ve become lonelier and more disconnected from our social and physical world. Now is the time to re-discover our public places through urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and placemaking. We need to find ways to create spaces together – where people can meet, relate to each other, converse, and make connections. It is through these places and interactions that we will find meaning, build relationships, become active citizens. In this talk, we look at various placemaking strategies, including historical examples, that can achieve meaningful outcomes in the built environment, as an extension of the overall values of a community or an organization.