Andrew Kuzyk Speaking at Passenger Terminal Expo

March 8, 2017


Passenger Terminal Expo is the most highly regarded airport terminal conference in the world. Every year it brings together airport executives, managers and teams from over 90 countries for 3 days of panel discussions and speaker presentations surrounding trends and developments related to the industry. At this year’s conference in Amsterdam, Entro’s Andrew Kuzyk will be presenting ‘Efficiency vs. Passenger Experience – Defining Path and Place.’

This presentation examines how passengers understand the built environment, and offers strategies for layering wayfinding, environmental graphics, technology and customer service programs so that they work in harmony to create the ideal visitor journey. It will further explore new developments and best practices within the airport environment, as well as Entro's recent work with airports in areas such as Calgary, Toronto and Singapore. Audience members will learn the importance of reevaluating the traditional systems for moving the masses through airports and placing an increased focus on placemaking opportunities. With many airports looking to the future and anticipating the needs of passengers, we are always looking for ways to both support and develop these changes from a wayfinding and placemaking perspective. Learn more about Passenger Terminal Expo here.