Parkside’s Commit­ment to Commu­nity

December 3, 2015


Entro was engaged to rebrand Park­side Student Resi­dence, a 23-storey student resi­dence located in the heart of Down­town Toronto. Park­side is a modern, safe student living space that inte­grates commu­nity with acad­e­mic objec­tives.

The concept for the Park­side logo fuses themes from the natural world and human expe­ri­ence. The icon repre­sents both the cross-section of a tree trunk (a centre where things grow and radi­ate), and a finger­print (a personal touch). The warm colours, rounded type­face, and circu­lar forms combine for a youth­ful and modern logo.

Entro further designed the signage and wayfind­ing program for the new resi­dence. The program intro­duces bold, cheer­ful visu­als that speak directly to millen­nial culture – the ways indi­vid­u­als come together to create the bigger picture and a better place. Visu­ally, this concept is repre­sented through a series of smaller dots that form a larger graphic. These circu­lar elements reflect the Park­side logo and empha­size Parkside’s commit­ment to commu­nity.