An Entro Social Purpose Project | Operation Grow

April 26, 2018


Operation Grow is a social enterprise benefitting women who have experienced violence and is designed to increase resiliency, employability, and build relationships. At the heart of the business and community hub is an indoor vertical farm using cutting edge technology to grow pesticide-free produce, which the women sell to the community. Together with Cumulus Architects and Acumen, Entro is helping Operation Grow to establish new roots in their new Midland home. Our work began by looking at the brand for this social purpose organization that we are so proud to support.

The original visual identity was composed of a tree that suggested women growing in a community with a solid foundation. We believed that by refining the form, colour and typography, we could convey an added sense of strength and improve the image of the operation to better align with its ideals of being innovative, intersectional and accessible.

We distilled the original concept down to its essence. The resulting visual identity provides a greater level of flexibility and allows elements to be extended to create a unique visual language for applications from marketing materials and donor recognition to environmental graphics and signage.

The new identity commands a greater level of respect and trust for this deserving organization. It is meant to capture the vision of the organization, the women behind the vision, their strength and resilience, and the dignity and hope of their community.

The new facility, at the former location of the LCBO in Midland, Ontario, combines a vertical farm, inspected kitchen, yoga and meditation hall, meeting rooms, and shower and laundry facilities.

Kathy Willis is the executive director of Huronia Transition Homes, the organization that founded Operation Grow. This year Kathy was honoured with an Attorney General Victim Services Award of Distinction for her work and commitment to ending all violence against all women. We are incredibly grateful to be able to help Kathy in her outstanding efforts to help end violence against women.