Real­iz­ing Improved Tran­sit in Missis­sauga

November 28, 2014


The first segment of the Missis­sauga Tran­sit­way project offi­cially opened on Novem­ber 10th. The MiWay dedi­cated bus corri­dor is the first of its kind in the Greater Toronto and Hamil­ton area. Commen­su­rate with MiWay brand­ing, which Entro designed in 2009, Entro devel­oped a wayfind­ing program for the new Tran­sit­way.

The first of three segments, the complete Tran­sit­way will cover 18km between Winston Churchill Boule­vard and Renforth Drive, reduc­ing commute times by 10-15 minutes. As Entro was involved with the project from the initial plan­ning stages, all of the signs were designed for inte­gra­tion with the new archi­tec­ture. This includes trail­blaz­ing, exte­rior and plat­form wayfind­ing, elec­tronic signage, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, and inte­rior signage.

The appli­ca­tion of the MiWay brand across the wayfind­ing program rein­forces MiWay as an easy, comfort­able tran­sit service. The MiWay brand and the orange oval on bus stops and other signs serves as a land­mark, making wayfind­ing easier, reduc­ing stress, and adding to the ease of the service, which was the defined posi­tion­ing.

The oval form was designed to suggest a wheel in motion, with “Mi-Way” stand­ing in for Missis­sauga and as a person­al­ized attribute that implies one’s own personal tran­sit route.