Bringing Back Main Street with Design

May 26, 2021


Entro recently participated in the Main Street Design Challenge, part of the Canadian Urban Institute's, Bring Back Main Street project, a national research and action campaign to help Canada's Main Streets recover and emerge from the COVID crisis. Participants were invited to develop innovative, responsible, sustainable, and resilient design solutions for Canadian Main Streets that can be implemented during the recovery and post-pandemic. Submissions from architects, students, planners, placemakers and artists were compiled into the Mainstreet Design Challenge Playbook, which is intended as a tool for communities, municipalities, BIAs, designers – anyone interested in using design to address main street revitalization.

Entro's concept – the QR Code Comeback – is an environmental graphic design solution that reinvigorates the image of main streets while providing access to place-specific content in a safe and contactless way. We explore creative ways to embed QR codes in graphics and/or artwork inspired by the character of the main street or community, and applied onto existing amenities or infrastructure. The content could include information about the shops and people that make up the neighborhood. Facts and the history of these places can be revealed through these codes as well.

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Download the Mainstreet Design Challenge Playbook