Lost in Space? Andrew Kuzyk Explores Trends in EGD

August 14, 2014


“Cave paint­ings are most likely the first exam­ples of envi­ron­men­tal graphic design (EGD). Even then there was a need to tell a story, record history, give instruc­tion and even enhance space. Envi­ron­men­tal design is expressed through a range of appli­ca­tions from brand­ing, adver­tis­ing and retail programs, wayfind­ing, inter­pre­tive programs, exhibit design, land­mark­ing, art, and donor recog­ni­tion. The indus­try is constantly evolv­ing and expand­ing, so let’s do a little explor­ing…”

Lost in Space – Andrew Kuzyk, Entro (Designedge Canada)