Livingston Posters Part of Ongo­ing Alliance

October 29, 2014


Livingston Inter­na­tional is the largest North Amer­i­can customs and compli­ance expert, and a long­stand­ing client of Entro. The rela­tion­ship is one of collab­o­ra­tion as we continue to part­ner with Livingston to develop their market­ing mate­ri­als, includ­ing inter­nal posters.

Since creat­ing Livingston’s brand iden­tity in the late nineties, Entro has contributed to the company’s website, annual reports, and regu­lar market­ing pieces. The Livingston word­mark was made visu­ally special by intro­duc­ing arrows to create the letter N. The arrows suggest the idea of move­ment and flow as well as estab­lish­ing a focus. This simple yet distinc­tive word­mark contin­ues to commu­ni­cate the brand’s essence: to manage the flow of data to keep trade flow­ing.

This year’s employee survey poster utilizes the arrow from the Livingston word­mark as a window for a photo­graph, to create a bold poster that is unique to Livingston. The employee survey itself is intended to gauge the company’s perfor­mance and gather insight from Livingston’s employ­ees.