An Immersive Glimpse Into KING Toronto

February 26, 2020


The KING Sales Centre is one part of a larger project that included designing graphics, wayfinding and signage elements for the Serpentine Pavilion exhibit; four volumes showcasing KING Toronto’s designs; hoarding graphics for events; and advertising components such as posters and signage, as well as digital and print mailers.

Inside the KING Sales Centre, Entro designed wall graphics that outlined a history of BIG and Westbank’s projects as well as lightboxes that displayed distinct views to the interior and exterior of the building. A zig-zagged, internally illuminated wall graphic brought life and movement into the small space, which was located in a historic building retrofitted for this purpose.

Entro’s intention was to create an atmosphere of high design and artistry to appeal to buyers looking for an upscale living environment. In coordination with a well-designed, well-made condominium that buyers could browse in person, Entro aimed to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and bring the elevated narrative of the Serpentine Pavilion exhibit into a practical, lived-in experience.

This temporary installation accomplished its goal of enticing buyers. As construction of KING Toronto is now beginning on site, a new sales atelier at the Shangri-La Hotel was created, where it now enjoys a second life on a smaller scale.