The Shared Vision of BIG Architects, Westbank and Allied

March 6, 2019


Set to be one of the most radical housing development projects in North America, KING Toronto by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in partnership with Westbank and Allied, looks to integrate community, identity and a welcoming sense of place into a scrupulously designed mixed-use residence.

Entro was engaged to conceptualize a series of books exhibiting the design and design thinking behind this new King West Neighbourhood residential development. Our book design was part of a multifaceted marketing program involving media events, a pavillion installation and exhibition, printed material in various forms (including the book), social media, a collectable poster series and an evening with Ian Gillespie, Bjarke Ingels and artist Douglas Coupland at the Roy Thompson Hall.

The design of the homes from the rooms, to landscaping is carefully considered and solved with a very high degree of sophistication, an aesthetic we wanted to emulate in the book. Our resulting product was KING: a 331-page book with companion books for the different sections of the development, NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST.

The cover of the book captures the essence of the architectural vision and design. Through manipulation of graphics and printing techniques we emulated fluted glass; a signature architectural detail of the home design. This expression also represents transparency - as in the transparency of the glass architecture but also the transparency of the architect and developer’s process that is revealed throughout the book.

The KING book is available to potential unit buyers as of October 2018 at the sales centres in Toronto and Asia. Find out more about KING Toronto here.