Jane’s Walk 2016: From a Wayfind­ing Perspec­tive

June 8, 2016


Inspired by Jane Jacobs, Jane’s Walk is a move­ment of free, citizen-led walk­ing tours that promote commu­nity story-telling, city explo­ration and neigh­bour­hood connec­tions. This year Entro hosted a down­town walk about wayfind­ing.

Simi­lar to human wayfind­ing, we allowed the visual cues of branded spaces guide our discus­sion and walk. Our route began at Ryer­son Student Learn­ing Centre, contin­u­ing through the Yonge-Dundas and Bay-Adelaide inter­sec­tions and the Bay-King TD Centre and conclud­ing at Union Station.

On the walk, members from the Entro team Udo Schlie­mann, Raymundo Pavan and Laura Sell­ors shared insights about the envi­ron­men­tal design process and the design-thinking that goes into creat­ing expe­ri­ences and moving the public through places. Conver­sa­tions centred around how we move through spaces and how design, brand­ing and signage within that space, affect our expe­ri­ence of it.

More about Jane Jacobs and the Jane’s Walk move­ment.