Entro and HOK Speaking at 2016 IIDEX Conference

November 2, 2016


The IIDEX Canada Conference brings together various interior design and architecture communities for a sourcing, networking and education event that celebrates creativity and best practices. On November 30th, as part of the conference, Udo Schliemann from Entro and Erica Merry from HOK will be delivering a presentation titled “Reshaping Company Culture Through Branded Workplaces”.

Udo and Erica worked together on the interior environment of the Sobeys Corporate Headquarters in Mississauga, which brings together over 800 national and regional employees for the first time into one new building. Using this experience and other best practice examples, they will present strategies for effective collaboration and explore the traits of a truly effective branded workplace.

This presentation will also explore the workplace environment as a valuable communication tool, and how it can serve as an extension of the overall values and strategic objectives of the company. Find out more about the IIDEX Canada Conference and registration here: http://www.iidexcanada.com/show-info/iidex

(Photo provided by IIDEX­Canada)