Entro presents Understanding Our Environments through the lens of well and cognitive neuroscience at IDS

May 11, 2021


Join us at the Interior Design Show (IDS) on Tuesday, May 11, at 11am for a seminar led by Cristina Kelly, WELL AP/Associate & Vedran Dzebic, Head of R&D at Entro: Understanding Our Environments Through the Lens of WELL and Cognitive Neuroscience.

How can we truly know and understand the effect design will have on the user and more accurately achieve the intended aims of the WELL standard on human well-being? As part of our design process, we consider principles of cognitive neuroscience to provide important insights into well-being while incorporating a number of emerging technologies to validate our work. While cognitive neuroscience tells us how the human experience is shaped by design, emerging technologies, such as computer vision and machine learning help us mediate the relationship between the environment and the person. By viewing the WELL Standard through a spotlight of cognitive neuroscience and emerging technologies, this presentation will examine how to more completely and precisely celebrate culture and place, foster human delight, create spatial familiarity and access to nature and nudge towards positive behaviours.

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