Project Feature: Humber College Donor Wall

February 24, 2017


Humber College is a leading postsecondary institution that is made up of three campuses, serving over 29,000 full-time students. At their North campus in Etobicoke the College was looking to recognize donors in a sophisticated and engaging way. Entro developed and implemented a recognition program that showcases the important support of donors, and expresses the College’s appreciation for this support.

The designated space for the program is adjacent to the study area in the Link building corridor, the main thoroughfare that connects to the new Humber Learning Resource Commons (HLRC). The use of this space is not only practical in the sense that is a high traffic area, but it also ties the historic campus buildings with the HLRC in a meaningful way.

Taking inspiration from the Humber River and the green spaces that are part of Humber’s campuses, the wall is comprised of a series of individual hexagon tiles with the four donor levels identified through the use of varying materials. A series of seamlessly integrated touch screens introduces a flexible and interactive component to engage passers by. In addition to providing in-depth donor information and ways to give, the screens are an opportunity to promote alumni recognition and special events, with the capability for live streaming.

The design concept is meant to convey the positive influence and impact that donors can have on students in the same way that stones shape the current of the river – each donor’s contribution adding to the mosaic of interactions between the community, College, and students. As the light interacts with the different surfaces, the donor tiles shimmer creating an effect similar to light reflecting off a river’s surface.

The strong integration of the static and digital components (digital programming by Lusens) allows for expansion, while recognizing donor support in a unique and dignified manner.

View the short video above showcasing Humber's Donor Wall

The Humber Donor Wall demonstrates the successful integration of static and digital components, and as a flexible and unique program it pleases donors and engages passers by. With many organizations focusing on fundraising in the early months of the year, a number of clients have come to us with questions about best practices for donor recognition displays. To respond to these questions and provide a resource for donor recognition planning, we will be releasing a white paper in the coming weeks. More details to follow.