Old Meets New at the Hamil­ton Farm­ers’ Market

October 29, 2014


The Hamil­ton Farm­ers’ Market is deeply rooted in Hamilton’s history. It was orig­i­nally founded in 1837, later relo­cated to 35 York Blvd., and recently under­went a revi­tal­iza­tion to update the facil­ity. The new farm­ers’ market is enclosed in a contem­po­rary façade and adjoined to the Hamil­ton Public Library facil­ity. To high­light its pres­ence, Entro designed a distinc­tive new iden­tity for the site. The idea was to create a modern appear­ance while embrac­ing the look-and-feel of chalk­board signage, typi­cally used in tradi­tional market settings.

The market itself combines modern customs with tradi­tion; cook­ing demon­stra­tions and cultur­ally diverse food offer­ings are inter­spersed with vendors sell­ing locally grown produce. The contemporary-classic iden­tity design commu­ni­cates a tradi­tional farm­ers’ market that inte­grates well with the modern archi­tec­ture.