Entro Wins Graphis Annual Gold and Silver

December 3, 2015


Graphis Annual is an inter­na­tional publi­ca­tion that recog­nizes excel­lence in design and visual imagery. Entro is a proud recip­i­ent of Graphis Annual awards for the AGO’s Weston Learn­ing Centre (Graphis Gold) and Arca­dian Court & Loft (Graphis Silver).

Graphis Gold

The Weston Family Learn­ing Centre is an educa­tional space at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for people of all ages to engage and learn about art. Entro devel­oped a brand­ing and signage program for the centre, includ­ing: a new iden­tity, fundrais­ing brochure, and a signage and wayfind­ing program. The elegant and artis­tic treat­ment, combined with the required func­tion­al­ity, provided a unique outcome for a unique space.

Graphis Silver

Arca­dian Court and Loft is an Oliver & Bonacini event space, with the Court and Loft making up differ­ent venues within the space. The Arca­dian logo­type takes inspi­ra­tion from Art Deco, with the typog­ra­phy reflect­ing the archi­tec­tural and light­ing elements. The ambiance created by the venue’s light­ing is captured within the logo­type through the inter­play of light and dark within the letter­forms. In this way, the logo commu­ni­cates the elegant Art Deco style and the versa­tile space that Arca­dian Court and Loft offers.