Entro Receives Four Awards from Graphis

September 7, 2021


We are pleased to announce that Graphis has recognized us with four awards this year! We received four Silver Awards for our environmental graphic design programs for Weston Common, The Peter George Centre for Living and Learning, OC Transpo, and The Incas, Treasures of Peru exhibit.

Pointe-à-Callière received the crates of artifacts from the Belgian collection “as is”. For The Incas, Treasure of Peru exhibit, our job was to conceive of strategies for presenting the artifacts in ways that would link a number of disparate collections and rooms and engage visitors of all ages. We wanted to make visitors feel as though they were immersed in ancient Peru – and so we built a world around the artifacts, filled with lifesize reproductions, large-scale images, projections, sound, video, tactile materials, and interactive activities.

McMaster University’s new Peter George Centre for Living and Learning combines a 500-bed residence with academic spaces and several student amenities. When designing the wayfinding and environmental graphics our goal was to infuse the space with energy and draw inspiration from the building’s architectural features and forms to ensure an integrated and cohesive experience.

Located just outside of Toronto, Weston Common’s Artscape Hub was created to build on the community’s existing creativity and cultural richness, offering a new and vibrant central gathering place for people to come together to create, learn and celebrate the arts both indoors and outdoors. Featuring over 20,000 square feet of space for art studios, gatherings and community events, the project also adds new housing to the area with 360 rental apartments for the public and 26 affordable live/work spaces for artists and their families. In designing Weston Common’s visual identity, signage, and environmental graphics program, our firm turned to the use of vibrant colours inspired by the community’s cultural richness to help animate and this new community space dedicated to the arts.

The City of Ottawa recently transformed its transit system, OC Transpo, by introducing a whole new service: the O-Train Line 1, a light rail line, replaced many of the bus routes which previously formed the basis of the city’s transit system. These changes meant passengers had to learn new routes, new nomenclature, and new infrastructure. Our role was to design a place brand and wayfinding program that would orient people helping them to understand and navigate through this new system.