Entro Facilitates Interactive Workshop on Wayfinding at Future Cities Canada Summit

October 15, 2021


On Friday, October 15, at 11am, join Entro's Vedran Dzebic, Head of Research, Cristina Kelly, WELL AP / Associate, and Jacqueline Tang, Creative Director, as they facilitate "Wayfinding Co-Creation: An Interactive Workshop" at Future Cities Canada Summit 2021!

The best public spaces instill a sense of discovery and connection – where visitors’ expectations are met while surprising interactions are fostered. A thoughtfully designed wayfinding program facilitates both navigation and discovery, while creating a sense of place that resonates with the community. But how do we know what visitors need, want, and feel as they move through an environment?

Only through a human-centered, co-creative design process can we unlock wayfinding and placemaking design solutions that place the visitor experience at their core. Join the Entro team for an interactive workshop featuring several activities that focus on improving the wayfinding experience at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in interactive mapping activities and visioning exercises intended to inform design and wayfinding strategies. Such exercises allow us to consider diverse needs and expectations, creating connections between visitors and place.

Friday, October 15 @ 11am, online (Free)

Find out more and join the session here.