Anticipating and Designing for Change: Wayfinding for Evolving Airports

August 15, 2017


In our commitment to transform the everyday experience, we are constantly looking to the future to anticipate changes that will occur for our clients and our industry. Our recent paper "Wayfinding for Airports of the Future“ acknowledges the socio-cultural and technological shifts affecting airports today and considers the role of wayfinding in response to evolving airports and the changing ways that passengers use and interact with airports spaces.

We conducted a series of group sessions with thought leaders from our internal team — individuals with significant experience in the airport sector, those with their finger on the pulse of technology, and those forward-thinkers who are always anticipating the next best thing.

The paper presents the thinking from those sessions, organized into three main areas — Technology, The Passenger Journey, and Airports as Destinations. In each area, we describe the changes we see coming, with a view to what is likely to remain unchanged, and how we plan to respond to the challenges or conditions that these changes represent. Moreover, we explore how these considerations and strategies will empower a partnership in the planning and development of future-forward airport spaces.

With over 25 years working in the field of aviation, Entro has long been involved in enhancing the passenger journey through environmental graphic design at such prominent airports as Changhi Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International, Toronto Pearson International, Calgary International, and Vancouver International among many others.

The paper can be accessed here.