Entro's Poster Competition: A Reinterpretation of the Pictogram

March 22, 2019


At Entro, we believe in art for art’s sake and that we all need outlets for creativity outside of client work. We like to push our team’s design excellence beyond the constraints of our day-to-day projects, giving us an opportunity to showcase our talents. We also like a little friendly competition, thus the poster competition was born! This fun and creative design competition invited all staff to respond to a theme and show off their graphic design skills. The jury, which included internal and external colleagues, awarded first, second, and third prized based off of four criteria: representation of selected theme, poster/content quality, overall impression and written rationale.

On the theme of “pictograms”, our winning designer Monika Meyer created a poster that commented on the way that pictograms represent us as humans and individuals, our actions and our histories.

Monika’s design (above) explores how design elements can come together to “embrace and celebrate the wonderful complexity that is being human”. In her own words, she questions: “Can the essence of a person be distilled to an elemental basic form?" She suggests that "we must not willingly forget to embrace our diversity and all those souls who couldn’t and wouldn’t be described as basic". Two forms are merged and mingled to create a mélange of new, unique shapes. Colours are blended, subtracted and divided creating a vibrant palette in an honest, if not terribly successful attempt to represent many areas of the infinite gamut. The white border and cropping of the image creates a frame, evoking the lens through which our enlightened viewer sees his fellow human beings.

To request a printed copy of Monika’s poster, please contact us.