RGD’s Design­Thinker of the Year Award

November 28, 2014


Entro designed this year’s RGD Design­Thinker of the Year Award for presen­ta­tion at the Design­Thinkers Confer­ence in Toronto earlier this month. The award design (fabri­cated by WSI) takes inspi­ra­tion from a star or mark of excel­lence, suggested through vary­ing beams of colour. These colour beams were applied to the award’s surfaces to create an inter­play of light and shadow. The award is comprised of three acrylic panels joined together by hidden fasten­ers, and flame-polished for a smooth finish. An over­lap­ping black aluminum name­plate grounds the design, giving prece­dence to the award winner. The complete design combines under­stated mate­ri­als with a precise compo­si­tion to produce depth and vari­ance that capture a viewer’s inter­est.

Congrat­u­la­tions to Larry Rosen, CEO of Harry Rosen Inc., who is this year’s RGD Design­Thinker of the Year award recip­i­ent. The award honours corpo­rate lead­ers who recog­nize the role of design in driving inno­va­tion and busi­ness success.

Pictured (l to r) are Mark Leung of the Rotman School of Manage­ment, Bob Hambly RGD of Hambly & Wool­ley (who nomi­nated Larry), and Larry Rosen.