Design Canada & Canada Modern Recognize the Contributions of Stuart Ash and G+A

August 10, 2018


Gottschalk+Ash and its co-founder Stuart Ash have been recognized recently in two important initiatives that tell the story of Canadian graphic design.

The first of these initiatives is Design Canada, a documentary film that follows the transformation of Canada from its colonial ties to a vibrant and multicultural country, through the lens of graphic design. The creator of this documentary, Greg Durrell says Stuart’s work and the work of G+A "can still be felt at nearly every major intersection in any part of this country". He also highlights that "Stuart Ash was a central figure helping modernize the design profession in Canada". Screenings of Design Canada will continue across Canada, and further information can be found here.

In close timing with the release of this documentary, creative director Blair Thomson created Canada Modern, a physical and digital archive of modernist Canadian graphic design, ensuring that it is appropriately recorded and available for future designers and design enthusiasts. Thomson says that G+A’s “commitment to quality and their refusal to compromise are the qualities that inspired him to create this archive in the first place”. He is thankful to both Stuart and Entro, who have been generous with their time, advice and access to our archives.

Stuart has been celebrated for bringing the International Style of design to Canada, and changing the focus of graphic design in this country to communication focused on strategy and function. He acknowledges that he is “proud of the consistency of the work we achieved as a team and pleased that the legacy continues in Canada under Entro. It is this passing along of the dedication to strategically conceived graphic design that I so greatly appreciate.”

In 2016, Entro published ‘Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years’ to tell the story of Entro’s merger with Gottschalk+Ash Toronto and explore the celebrated works of both firms. The book can be purchased here.