Entro Presents Strategies for Understanding the LRT User Experience at the CUTA Spring Summit

May 11, 2021


Join Entro's Vince Gratton, Partner, and Teodor Herman, Project Coordinator/Designer, as they participate in a panel on "Innovation in Rail: A New Renaissance for Light Rail Transit" at the CUTA Spring Summit & AGM, May 10 – 11.

Vince and Teo will be presenting Strategies for Understanding the LRT User Experience:
LRT environments are unique in their high volume of diverse users and their complex network of connecting systems and services. This poses special challenges for designers, who need to find ways to move people safely and efficiently through the system. Our focus is communications – strategic wayfinding signage design informed by research, consultation, and by tools such as pedestrian flow simulations, which help us understand what paths users will take. A tool often used to inform architectural design, pedestrian flow simulations can also be applied to develop communication strategies in: how we identify problem areas such as bottlenecks and confusing decision points, and how we identify opportunities for activating spaces where people naturally pause and linger. Drawing on our experience developing wayfinding and placemaking programs for OC Transpo and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, we will explore how we’ve used these and other research methods to help create a safe and engaging environment.

Time: May 11 @ 2:20pm

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About the CUTA Spring Summit & AGM: Public transit is the lifeline of our communities. It is an essential, cost-effective way to reduce congestion. It gets people out of their cars and fights climate change. And it’s essential to the 2.5 million Canadians who rely on it every day. CUTA’s Spring Summit & AGM will feature the best in our industry—who have worked tirelessly to keep our cities moving. Hosted by OC Transpo.