Social Distancing Graphics for Our Community

May 11, 2020


Social distancing measures have required designers to rethink the way people move through and spend time in public spaces. While spaces can't easily be changed, with effective communication, we can change human behaviour. Especially in these challenging times, we believe good design can make difficult changes possible and brighten our everyday experiences.

To support our community during these unprecedented times and especially as businesses begin to reopen their doors, Entro is pleased to make available for free download a series of graphics and sign types that we designed to encourage physical distancing, personal hygiene and protective behaviour. We developed graphics for seating and floor spacers, as well as a collection of posters with new pictograms such as 'mask and gloves', 'foot pedal operation', and 'hand sanitizer' that represent current challenges for many facilities.

Find the full set of graphics here and please share with facilities who could benefit!