A Visi­ble Land­mark for Cana­dian Self Stor­age

December 3, 2015


Cana­dian Self Stor­age is a stor­age provider with a 20-year repu­ta­tion for clean, safe facil­i­ties within the GTA. Entro was asked to develop a new signage program for their stor­age facil­ity on Doncaster Avenue, a modest and unadorned struc­ture.

The primary goals of the program were to draw atten­tion to the build­ing complex and develop signage that would reflect the qual­ity of service the company provides. We first refined the word mark to give it a contem­po­rary feel, and created a colour block system on the build­ing exte­rior for imme­di­ate visual impact. A series of large, colour­ful panels were mounted at strate­gi­cally placed loca­tions on the struc­ture, suggest­ing the clean and orderly service provided at the facil­ity.

At the entrance, a 4-metre high pylon was devel­oped from four blocks, set at differ­ent angles from one another, repre­sen­ta­tive of moving boxes. With these bold elements, Entro refreshed the appear­ance of the Cana­dian Self Stor­age facil­ity making it a visi­ble land­mark and attract­ing new customers.