Canada 150 Logo

December 22, 2014


Canada’s 150th anniver­sary logo design is currently a contentious issue in the design commu­nity.

The exist­ing process for the new logo, set in place by the Cana­dian govern­ment, says a lot about the under­stand­ing and value that offi­cials credit to design and the design commu­nity.

Carry­ing the port­fo­lio and legacy of Gottschalk+Ash Inter­na­tional, Entro feels that the govern­ment has to change its policy on how to conduct a proper design compe­ti­tion for the new logo to effec­tively cele­brate the occa­sion and repre­sent Canada as a world-class soci­ety.

These views and back­ground infor­ma­tion on Canada’s centen­nial logo, orig­i­nally designed by Stuart Ash, co-founder of Gottschalk+Ash Inter­na­tional, are expressed at Make your opin­ions known to