Bridge­point is Open for Inter­pre­ta­tion

May 23, 2014


In addi­tion to Bridgepoint’s wayfind­ing and donor recog­ni­tion program, Entro recently designed an inter­pre­tive signage program to pay trib­ute to the history of the hospital’s site and the Don Jail heritage build­ing, which now serves as the admin­is­tra­tive offices for Bridge­point Active Health­care.

The design of the inter­pre­tive signage is comple­men­tary to the envi­ron­ment and the exist­ing family of signage prod­ucts, and tells fasci­nat­ing stories about the sites. The signage program will also be applied through­out the campus exte­rior at the comple­tion of the hospi­tal ground’s construc­tion.

See it for your­self! The historic Don Jail, located at the Admin­is­tra­tion Build­ing of Bridge­point Active Health­care, is open for public view­ing through­out the week. More infor­ma­tion.