BOUNDLESS, A Post-Secondary Design Challenge

July 10, 2019


Last month, Entro’s Creative Director, Michelle Parrish, participated in the BOUNDLESS: Post-Secondary Design Challenge hosted by the Design Exchange. This competition saw proposals from students enrolled in all design disciplines with creative solutions to address accessibility issues in public space through design. Boundless saw many solutions across a broad range of applications, including signage and wayfinding, industrial design, wearable devices and mobile apps. Members of the jury came from diverse backgrounds, but all shared the same goal of rewarding innovation in the field of accessibility. To Michelle, accessibility is an important focus when it comes to creating spaces and her philosophy is based on the idea that “there is a spectrum of ability, not finite categories of disability”.

Competition winners were invited to a mentorship event hosted by select members of the jury and design community. The event was both rewarding and educational, with discussions surrounding universal design, accessibility codes and the application of these codes based on users’ experience.

To Michelle, the user’s experience needs to be at the center of making spaces accessible: “Even more important than the sign itself, the purpose and application of the sign — the function that it serves — has to be taken into account.”

Boundless saw innovative post-secondary students putting forth ideas to make places and spaces more accessible. We’re so glad to have been a part of this discussion! Read more about the winning projects here.